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“Carol has created and delivered a suite of wellbeing workshops and resources to our employees over the last three years. Feedback from employees has been excellent, with a 21% reduction in mental health related absence since the program was launched.”

Vicky Dunbar
Director of Human Resources

“Carol came into Positive Planet to deliver training on mental health and resilience which had excellent feedback from the staff.

Ours is a young team, remote working, in what can be a stressful environment and the research that she shared was both timely and thought provoking. Along with the facts behind mental health she shared techniques to manage the symptoms of stress.

Since then, she has produced an evaluation of the mental health of our team and recommendations on how we can all make improvements. The report was based on individual Mot sessions and questions raised during her sessions. If you are looking for mental health training, I can absolutely recommend Carol and the work that she does.”

Bryony Salter
Head of Impact & Sustainability
Positive Planet

“At Open Partners, we prioritise the mental health and overall well-being of all our team members, whether they are in the office or working remotely. We understand that navigating personal and professional challenges can be difficult, regardless of location. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Carol for several years now. We work with Carol in several ways:

• 121 coaching
• Resilience Training
• Other Mental Health Training/Webinars

Implementing one-on-one coaching sessions with Carol has been immensely beneficial for our workplace productivity and overall well-being. By offering employees the opportunity to book 50-minute sessions directly with Carol, regardless of their location, we’ve ensured accessibility and convenience. These monthly sessions provide consistent support, addressing both work-related challenges and personal issues. This tailored approach not only fosters individual growth but also enhances team dynamics and collaboration. Employees are equipped with strategies to improve productivity, manage stress, and enhance their overall work performance. By investing in our employees’ long-term well-being, we’ve created a supportive environment that nurtures both personal and professional development, ultimately leading to a more productive and satisfied workforce. We have seen a huge uptake in these sessions and had very positive feedback, which reflects in our engagement score and turnover.

We also ensure all new starters take part in Carol’s resilience coaching sessions as part of their onboarding. Employees will gain invaluable skills and insights right from the start of their journey with us. This tailored support has not only equipped new hires with the tools to overcome obstacles but has also fostered a culture of continuous growth and innovation within our organisation. Carol’s expertise and personalised approach have been instrumental in cultivating a resilient workforce and showcase our company’s approach to mental well-being from day one.

As our business grew and we went through change, we worked with Carol to offer change coaching. This was tailored to our business and conducted via Zoom, making it accessible for all employees and highly interactive. The Change coaching initiatives equipped our team with the tools and mindset needed to adapt to organisational changes seamlessly. By fostering a culture of resilience and agility, we minimised disruptions and accelerated the adoption of new processes or technologies.

One aspect that stands out is Carol’s availability and responsiveness. In instances where our team members have needed immediate support, Carol has been quick to accommodate, ensuring that our team receives the assistance they need promptly. This level of attentiveness is truly beneficial for a rapidly growing, progressive business like ours.

We wholeheartedly endorse Carol’s expertise and commend the impactful work she does in promoting mental well-being within our company. Her approach is exceptionally unique and personalized, garnering phenomenal feedback from our team. We are proud to continue working with Carol as her contributions have undoubtedly enhanced our team’s resilience and overall mental health.

Jess Hodgkinson
Managing Partner
Open Partners

“I am delighted to give my full endorsement for Carol. Like all schools, we recognise the significance of the pandemic’s impact on our young people, and we engaged Carol on a regular basis, after she led an extremely well-received training session with all of our staff in relation to mental wellbeing. Carol has been providing individual therapy sessions for identified students, where their individual needs benefit from Carol’s level of professional experience and expertise. Highly effective in this role, Carol also understands a school’s wider provision and is able to offer invaluable, additional support as well, with a range of training. Authentic, knowledgeable, and deeply caring, Carol undoubtedly enriches our school community, and I would unhesitatingly recommend her.”

Craig Jenkinson, MA (Oxon) PGCE MInstLM MCCT
Abbey Gate College

“We were lucky enough to have a mental health and resilience session with Carol. Feedback from the staff was excellent “The session tonight was great. Sometimes mental health/wellbeing presentations are a bit ‘preachy’ or ‘fluffy’, but Carol’s session was none of those! It was very interesting, informative, and fascinating to learn how people tick.” I certainly recommend her, and look forward to having her back.”
M. Galvin
Head Teacher
The Macclesfield Academy

“The Instructor, Carol Hickson, could not have been better. She was not only interesting and clearly knowledgeable/experienced, her manner and teaching technique were friendly and engaging as well as instructive. I had full confidence in what she was teaching us, and she handled (what are often very difficult subjects) impeccably. I could quite honestly listen to her talk on this subject, which she is clearly so passionate about, all day! I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining further knowledge regarding Mental Health.”

Caroline Hall
Finance Director
Phase 3 Electrical Ltd