Mental Health Training for Managers

Mental Health Training for Managers

“Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything—for better or for worse.” 

Simon Sinek

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We generally promote people to manager level, and above, because they have shown themselves outstanding at a particular skill. Time and time again I work with companies who have great people in great roles but there’s something missing and it’s the lack of formal manager training. Whilst, they undoubtedly have great skill sets there is an often an understanding that they will seamlessly transition into the role of managing people.

With 1 in 4 people affected by a mental disorder at some stage in their life there has never been a more important time to give our managers and leaders some extra resources. The Mental Health Training for Managers Workshop does exactly that. The aim? To provide better initial support to all staff leading to higher and often faster recovery rates. To prevent burnout at all levels of the company including the higher tiers of management.
It provides direction in their role when managing employees with mental health challenges and provides practical next steps to give appropriate support.

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Using The Energy Quadrant, it recognises that those in senior roles are themselves often under extreme pressure and provides clear guidance on recognising the signs that they may be compromising their own mental health.

We consider the link between pressure and performance and make the case for early intervention.

Finally, managers and leaders have an opportunity to understand and practise having real conversations with real people so that they need never again feel unprepared when a colleague, who is themselves struggling, approaches them.

Supporting our managers, and ultimately, their teams has never made more sense.

“I wish this training was available to all managers of people – I now feel more confident in my ability to help my team find the best support.”
Gerry A

What my clients say..

““Carol has created and delivered a suite of wellbeing workshops and resources to our employees over the last three years. Feedback from employees has been excellent, with a 21% reduction in mental health related absence since the program was launched.” - Vicky Dunbar - Director of Human Resources Husco Engineering
“We wholeheartedly endorse Carol's expertise and commend the impactful work she does in promoting mental well-being within our company. Her approach is exceptionally unique and personalized, garnering phenomenal feedback from our team. We are proud to continue working with Carol as her contributions have undoubtedly enhanced our team's resilience and overall mental health" - Jess Hodgkinson - Managing Partner, Open Partners
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"Carol came to our office to provide a taster session for the techniques that can be used for people who experience stress and anxiety which in our workplace is a common theme and quite a lot of us including myself experience some level of stress during their career. Carol had provided a very powerful insight into this problem and demonstrated number of techniques to relieve stress and re-focus our minds. I to this day still practice one of my favourite exercises that Carol showed us. Thank you, Carol, you showed us many useful techniques and you taught us lots of valuable exercises" - K K Barclays Bank
“Thanks so much for an extremely interesting and informative course. It is hard to use the phrase 'I enjoyed it' as that seems a strange thing to say about what can be such difficult topics! However, I really did enjoy the experience of learning from you, and I am truly grateful for you sharing your experiences and insight in a way that I feel was above and beyond what the course requirement would have been. Hopefully now I have gained a skill set that will allow me to help others in the future.” - Anon - Phase 3 Electrical Ltd.
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